Academics (Curriculum, Books etc..)

  • The primary medium of instruction and conversation inside the school is English
  • All books including XSEED “CBSE Pattern” Academic Books, Islamic Studies”, Arabic and Hifz Books shall be supplied by school.
  • Adequate space shall be provided for games, extracurricular and physical activities.
  • Management aims to reduce burden of students; hence limited homework shall be given.


The basic aim of mount HIRA curriculum is to develop the student's knowledge, understanding of concepts, skills and confidence. We seek to provide secure and challenging environment which encourages curiosity, enquiry and participation.


  • For academics we are partnering with XSEED to offer the latest in teaching technology.
  • All books are supplied by XSEED where students instead of memorizing the portions, shall be encouraged to do creative analysis, there by sharpening their knowledge.
  • Except Tamil, Arabic and Computer books all other books shall be supplied by XSEED.
  • Teachers are frequently given training by XSEED and their teaching shall be monitored by XSEED to maintain the quality.
  • XSEED shall supply question paper and student’s knowledge shall be assessed by XSEED twice a year apart from assessments conducted once in every two months.
  • LEARNOMETER shall be used to assess student’s skills.