Advisory Committee

Even trustees are running the school professionally with inputs and financial assistance from executive committee members, the role of advisory committee cannot be underestimated. Especially the advisory members who all are respected figures in Nellikuppam are an essential part in the seamless functioning of school and we are thankful for that.

  1. Abdul Hameed. A (Ex. Surveyor) Nellikuppam
  2. Asraf Ali. A, D.E.E.E, (TNEB) Nellikuppam
  3. Mohamed Kasim. A (Fathima Shoe Mart) Nellikuppam
  4. Hassan Ali. S Nellikuppam
  5. Noor Mohamed. M.S, (Raja) Nellikuppam
  6. Riyasudeen. A CEO. (Green Tourism) Pondicherry & Chennai

Guidance Committee

Alhamdulillah, We got eminent educationalists who are working in eminent educational institutions, educational trainers and Islamic scholars in our guidance committee who are instrumental in the development of Mount Hira Academy. Apart from the guidance committee members we are also getting guidance from other leading educationalists and Islamic scholars.

  1. Moulavi Ismail Najee, Faazil Manbayee Devbandhi, ) Islamic Writer & Thinker (Ex. Jamatul Ulama Cuddalore District Vice President)
  2. Prof. Dr. M.M. Abdul Kamal Nazer, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry The New College, Convener- Committee for Academic Awards and Excellence & Executive Board Member OMEIAT., Founder of imax School, Chennai.
  3. Prof. Dr. T.K. Shabeer Ahmed,, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry The New College, Founder of imax School Chennai.
  4. Dr. M. Hussain Basha M.B.A., LL.B., M.Sc.,(Psy.),MA(PMIR)., M.Com., DEM., PGD (APCT)., M.Phil., Ph.D. President – Art of Peace Foundation, Consultant Psychologist – Master Mind Consul training.