Board of Trustees

Nellikuppam Educational Trust

Nellikuppam Educational Trust was officially formed on 13 Nov 2016 with Engr. Mohamed Feroz Khan as Managing Trustee and M.S.Shahul Hameed and H. Mohamed Noordheen as founder trustees with the primary aim of establishing integrated schools such as Mount Hira Academy.

Engr. Mohamed Feroz Khan DME, DMM, B.Tech, MBA, (BAIS)

Chairman & Managing Trustee

Brain of the trust, our Chairman who hails from Nellikuppam studied Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Management,started his career in Gulf 20 years ago. Started his career in designing, moved on to become site engineer and now working as a QA/QC Engineer in a reputed firm in Abu Dhabi. Even while working he didn’t lose his interest in studies and continued to study Bachelor of Business Administration followed by MBA in HR and completed Bachelor of Technology. Besides he completed several online courses and attained several certifications in the field of design, quality, auditing etc..

Apart from academic studies, our Chairman who is a vivid reader about Islam involves in social activities for the community development for more than 20 years. He is regularly conducting Quran Tafseer classes and he is a good orator conducting Islamic Bayans especially in the field of history. He is a specialist in conducting self development programs like Unaravai Unnai and power point presentations like “Alhamdulillah” and involved in various initiatives like Understand Quran etc.. His weekly sermon in whatsapp in “Vellimedai” also reaches large people. Apart from oratory skills, he is a good writer writing in magazines and blogs under pen names and also involved in media previously running a magazine and involved in a news website. Through out his Islamic and social activities for the past twenty years he is having good relations with top educationalists and social leaders.

M.H.Shahul Hameed,

Secretary & Founder Trustee

Field worker and Public face of the trust, our Secretary Shahul Hameed who also a native of Nellikuppam initially indulged in own business and then worked in Saudi Arabia three decades before. A hard worker who was untired and refused to cow down to age constraints was responsible for coordinating construction works of existing school and acting as correspondent of our school. Always willing to learn by attending various educational programmes, a valuable asset of our school.

H. Mohamed Noordheen,

Treasurer & Founder Trustee

Mohamed Noordheen, treasurer of our trust who hails from Chennai and native of Ramnad District started his engineering career in Dubai worked along with our chairman was a hard worker and a opportunity finder to improve himself. He is the proprietor of Blue Sky Engineering actively involving in school works especially the most important financial section.

K.N. Mohideen Abdul Khader,

Founder Trustee

Mohideen Abdul Khader, who joined a bit later was also started his career in Dubai along with our chairman, now living in Chennai was a dedicated hard worker. Designer and trainer by profession, he was actively involved in Trust activities supporting our Secretary and Treasurer and taking care of all design and advertisement works need to be carried out in Chennai. Even though young in age, he was active in various social and educational activities.

K. Nafees Khaleel, B.Com,

Additional Trustee

Nafees who was a native of Nellikuppam working as an accountant in Kuwait was an additional trustee and plays a important role especially in devising strategies, decisions related to cost management. The youngest of trustees and always thinking out of box also plays an important role.