In the Name of Allah , the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful

“ Read! In the name of your Lord who created (all the exists)”. [Surah Al’Alaq 96:1]

The first word revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) from Allah SWT was “Iqra” which means to Read! To seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be Educated. As our Prophet (PBUH) said “TALAB UL ILMU FARIZATUN ALA KULLI MUSLIM”. Acquiring knowledge is obligatory on every muslim. Hence it is not surprise to find Muslim Ummah to become the torch bearers in spreading knowledge to the entire world by producing great scholars such as Ibn Al-Nafis, Al Idrusi, Al Tusi, Jabir ibn Hayyan, Ibn Sina to name a few. Muslims discovered the blood circulation, drew the world map, measured the surface area of earth… etc. which all benefitted the whole planet. The most significant point to be noted is the early Muslims never classified education as islamic and Secular. Rather they studied in a holistic approach as a whole, For example, in the personality of Ibn Sina, one could find a Philosopher , who had written al-Isharat on philosophy and metaphysics, and on the other hand , we astonished to see a Medical Expert Ibn Sina who wrote al-Qanun fi’t-Tibb on medicine, a book whose Latin translation was used as a text book in western universities till two centuries ago!

Alas! The Muslim Ummah lost its eminence due to differences within themselves, lust towards worldly life deviating from quran and sunnah, invasion of foreigners including mongols. But in the nineteenth century, when the Muslims attempted to revive the process of education and knowledge in their societies, they naively adapted the western secular system which had completely separated the religious sciences from the rational sciences. This dissection between the religious and secular sciences is the root of all the problems in the area of education for the Muslims world-wide. The greatest challenge for the Muslims of the twenty-first century is the issue of bringing together of the two sciences, religious and secular ( in other word Revealed and Rational ) , in such a way that knowledge brings people closer to God and gives meaning to the life on this earth. This is not incredible because history is bearing witness that the Muslims have achieved the same in the past.

In recent years, there is awareness among Ummah in studying integrated education since they are realizing the dangers of the materialistic secular education without any moral values. The outcome of this polluted system are totally ignorant of islamic ethics, lazy in following islam, not even performing jummah prayers and it is very unfortunate to see our students including girls are getting morally corrupted. The world is in a huge cry for the education based on moral values. In this scenario, the need for Islamic Integrated School arises among our society as well. To fulfill this need and in the aim of bringing back the glorious past of islamic model of integrated education , we joined together to start Mount HIRA Academy in our town Nellikuppam through our Nellikuppam Educational Trust through which our decade long dream becomes a reality. Alhamdulillah

As a Ummah which needs to seek knowledge from cradle to grave we hope this is just a beginning and insha allah our aspirations will reach highest magnitude and our school will become the torch bearer in producing quranic generations.

We sincerely thank Almighty Allah for blessing us with this great opportunity to initiate this educational academy. I would like to extend my immense gratitude to the investors without whom this dream can’t be a reality. We are also grateful to our respected advisory and guidance committee members who are guiding us in this noble cause . Acknowledgements will not be fulfilled without mentioning our driving force behind our objective – Our Staff who are supporting as a back bone to this institution. Last but not the least , I would like to thank the parents – our partners in molding the generations, for their overwhelming support and trust on us which will yield them the fruits insha allah.

I pray Almighty Allah to accept our efforts and make it beneficial for the Ummah here and Hereafter. I cordially invite you all to join with us to march towards a better tomorrow.

Jazakumulla Khaira

Mohamed Feroz Khan

Chairman, NET & MHA