General Guide Lines

  1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school with regard to their child’s integral growth.
  2. Since the medium of instruction is English, conversing in English is mandatory for all students. This habit must be encouraged at home too by the way of conversation and reading English newspaper and Islamic story books.
  3. Parents are requested to respect the policy of school behaviour discipline.
  4. Pupils must not bring cash, chewing gum, crackers etc., as they are the sources of distraction while the class is going on.
  5. Pupils who take lunch in school should have their name and class prominently written on their lunch bags and are requested to bring napkin. All remains of food should be disposed by the pupils themselves in the waste bins.
  6. Collection of money in the school is not permitted without the permission of the correspondent.
  7. Children suffering from any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the school. They will be allowed to rejoin on producing a medical fitness certificate.
  8. Pupil and parents are not allowed to give presentation or gifts to the teachers.
  9. Parents / guardians are not permitted to interview the teachers or enter the class rooms or staff room.

Meetings with Management

  1. In order to appraise themselves of their children’s progress in school, parents are requested to attend the Parents – Teacher’s Managements meeting without fail, and make use of this opportunity provided, to consult the teachers and avail of their advice.
  2. Any parents who wish to meet the correspondent and principal personally shall take the appointment in advance.

Parent Orientation Programme

  1. Eminent scholars and educationists will deliver lectures on the role of parents in bringing up children in a disciplined manner. It is conducted at least once in two months and is compulsory for all parents.

Salah (Prayer) Chart

  1. It is compulsory for the parents to check daily and sign the Salah Chart given in the diary.


  1. Students should be in school by 08:00 am sharp. The gates will be closed at 8:10 am No students will be allowed inside the school after the gates are closed.
  2. Parents must ensure their children’s regularity and punctuality be maintained, by deli gently carrying out the tasks given by the teachers.