Looking Back

In Nellikuppam minorities especially Muslims played a significant part in the business, social and political activities which no one can deny. In education, the community is lagging behind as it is everywhere in India. Now a days alhamdulillah there is a awareness and muslims getting educated but still they don’t own a high quality integrated educational institution where they shall be taught academic subjects at uncompromising quality without forgetting their Islamic roots.

This is a long year dream and many people devoted their time and wealth through decades for them we are thankful. Our Chairman Engr. Feroz Khan in 2008 itself stressed the importance of forming an educational institution and managed to form a committee in Nellikuppam consisting twelve important brothers from different organizations, jamaths etc.. They also met several times and even went to the extent of getting land adjacent to Big Street Mosque. For Finance a NRI committee also formed consisting of brothers from Dubai and Saudi. But that effort struck and several years there are news people going to start school but nothing materialize.

Hence to make the dream a reality Nri Nellians who are working in several parts of world are connected through social media in 2014 and NRI Nellians Whatsapp group created under the leadership of our chairman. From among the group those who are interested conducted lot of brain storming sessions even though they worked in different parts of world and finally decided to start the school and for that we formed Nellikuppam Educational Trust (NET) in 2016 and conducted a introductory meeting.

Based on the overwhelming response and due to the parents interest Mount Hira Academy inaugurated on July 10, 2017 due to our contractors special interest it was possible even though the building works started only on February 2017 and alhamdulillah we had overwhelming response from the parents which is boosting our morale to go ahead and to continue the school until Class X to XII insha allah.